Friday, October 2, 2009

If you find yourself in love with someone who does not love you,be gentle with yourself,there is nothing wrong with you.Love just didnt choose to rest in others person heart, if you find someone else in love with you and you dont love him/her,feel honored that love came and knocked your door, but gently refuse the gift that you can nott return.if you fall inlove with another and he/ she fall inlove with you and the love chooses to leave do not try to reclaim it and assess blame. Let it GO!there is a reason and there is a will know in time.Remember!you dont choose love,LOVE CHOOSES YOU! All you can really do is accept it for all mystery when it comes to your life.Feel the way it fills you to overflowing then reach out and give it away.Give it back to person who brought it alive in you.Give it to others who are deem poor in spirit. Give it to the world around you in anyway you can.This is where many lovers go wrong.having been so long without love,they understand love only as a bed,they see their heart empty places that will be filled with love,and they begin to look as love as something that flows to them rather from them. Remember this and keep it to your heart,love has its own time,its own seasons,and its owns reason for coming and going.You cannot bribe it or coerce it,or reason it on staying,you can only embrace it when it comes to you. But if it chooses to leave from your heart or the heart of your love,there is nothing you can do and there is nothing you should do.Love always had been and always will be mystery.Be glad that it came to live for a moment in your life.If you keep your heart open it will come again.Failure is the only way to start again intelligently....

Saturday, January 31, 2009

when valentine day knocks YOU...

GOod day!wow days goes by really really fast as in you never know how fast the Valentines day comes in hehehe,yes my friendship.... hearth day is coming on your way what things you plan to do or where you gonna celebrate it and with whom,hehehe nang usisa ba?(xmpre jan ako mgaling bantayan mga friends ko inlove jejeje)hmmm ask about me what would i do during Vday well im not the kind of person who celebrate it kse naman wla naman dapat icelebrate wla naman special someone na pwede yayain,lolz if meron man ang layo layo nya, usual andto lang ako sa shop nagchat for sure hayzzz...dati nde ko iniisip ang araw ng mga puso basta dumating lang sya okay lang pro nun nareach ko yung age nasa line of 20's na ako dun ko nafeel how sad to belong in samahan malalamig ang Valentines day waaaa....kala ko magiging happy ako alone in my life nde pala hahanapin mo pa din yung moment na me kayakap ka,ka holding hands habang naglalakad sa park, narereceive ka roses, card,stuff toys or chocolates,awww so anu etech nababalot naman ako ng insecurities, kasalo ka nagdidinner with candle lights and wine sweet sa isat isa na halos langgamin na, higit sa lahat yung bago mag-end yung gabi me magsasabi ng magic words na"I LOVE YOU" oh db nakakakilig yun..tpos ihahatid ka sa bhay nyo bago kyo maghiwalay iki-kiss ka sabay hug for sure halos maloka ka nde ka makatulog sa room mo iniisip mo pa din yung moments na yun(aminin...)ah bsta masaya at magaan ang feeling pag inlove ka at mahal ka ng taong gusto mo pro paanu if wla nga nde ka nya napapansin hahayaan na lang ba dumating yung times na lumapit sya or magkahimala db ang hirap,hayzz life....oh sya 'till i meet him na nga lang who knows matagpuan ko din ang akin very special love...hehehe hanggang sa muli..mwahhh

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

i will love you....


As long as I can dream,
as long as I can think,
as long as I have a memory....
I will love you.

As long as I have eyes to see
and ears to hear
and lips to speak....
I will love you.

As long as I have a heart to feel,
a soul stirring within me,
an imagination to hold you...
I will love you.

As long as there is time,
as long as there is love,
as long as there is you,
and as long as I have a breath to speak your name...
I will love you.
because I love you more than
anything in all the world.

its me,

mahal na mahal na mahal na mahal kita....i want to love you until the end of time.....

happy 2009 to all...

hello mga peeps...Belated happy new year to all of you i missed this a lot not to write something here friends actually hating me now for being so lazy at the moment they say its time for me to grow up and think things more interested since its another year for me well all i can say is that they are correct so right now i want to share something new about me for starting the year 2009.atually nothing happen naman aside from my rebonded hair,lolz..ika nga new looks for new year, year resolution ko uhmm i keep myself to be good person as i can(naks)...avoid doin bad things can hurt other people feeling and also be more patience in everything i do with my life right food at the right time,hehehe mahilig kse ako magpalipas gutom last year kaya this time i want to be more disciplinarian to myself mahirap na mag-abuse sa sarili.....avoid eating oily food and mga macholesterol especially according to my doctor eh high blood daw aketch waaaa most of the time pa naman yung mga bwal na food eh masarap itake,hehehe and take note bawal ang coffee ohh no parang sinabi nya kitilin ko na ang life ko,lolz....i love drinking coffee kse....well i need to follow his advice if thats if i like to continue my life on this earth is beautiful and i beleive im bettyful too,weee(walang kokontra blogs ko'to)so till here muna mga peeps see you next time for another posting ko na punumpuno ng interest,hahaha(kaya pla nilalangaw tong page ko)hehehe oh sya i park my finger here..mwaahhh tsup tsup gulp gulp slurpp...(iwww)

Monday, October 20, 2008

In this world you can easily get the trust you wanted in one person but dont forget to remember the sooner you get it the sooner it will be gone when you do some wrong in order to feel them disappointed with you.Trusting is very important in one relationship without this what you have is doubts and many wrong speculation comes on your mind and it come to the point that the love and the respect gone too if this happen i could say its the hardest part and the most painful we can have to feel.But what if you do some lies to protect someone because they ask you some favor not to mention those secret to people involve for the both of you and you kept it due to respect the person that gives you the someone in your life…Someone becomes your greatest love,treasure in life,man in fantasy and the love of your life….It is trully when it comes in loving no one is perfect,everybody become blind and the worse you can drop the friendship over your relationship with them without thinking the real reason why it happen those things.It sometimes biase you can realized if the person you choose done wrong with you and you see with your own eyes how they treat you badly see them in other arms,flirting with someone else then all you have to do is cry and blame yourself not to listen with friends you trust and trully care for you now you have to do is to eat your pride and turn back to them and say sorry and beg to forgive you and of course true friendship is always there no matter what happen they still accept you with open arms and cheer you up and told you lets forget everything and lets start anew one this words can easily take away all the pain and hurts you have…But dont forget too that everything has limitation if you did it once,twice why you allow yourself to do it over and over again if you have many choices to pick up dont waste your time and effort in one thing that you can never assure it will be yours forever try to open your eyes widely there lot of things on your way.I hope all of you got some lesson for this blogs it honestly comes from the buttom of my heart and it actually what im facing nowadays hope you enjoy reading..take care and God bless us mwaahh….

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What To Know If He Wants To Stay Single

Hello,good day once again mga friendship...i wanted to share message i got from my inbox come and read it...let's see if naexperience mo na to and come to think and analyze these....hope you enjoy reading and me lesson kyo....

Hey,Have you recently met and connected with a great guy who makes you feel excited and happy... Only to have him suddenly pull away after a couple of great dates, with no explanation?Why do some men so predictably shut off this wayonce things could go somewhere real?Sure, there are a whole bag of "issues" a man might have that could explain why he'd withdraw... But you might have also noticed that when a good guy connects with a woman, he can go from confirmed bachelor who never wants to get married to a love-stricken man who can't help but want more with her.In other words, men can and do change their mindson what they want. And this is largely based onhow a woman makes them FEEL.Is it possible that a man you've had a few great dates with - who didn't call back or want more - stop "feeling it" for you because you made one of the one crucial mistakes lots of women make that will quickly close a man off and push him away?If you're not sure, then it's time you found out.

Hey Teresa, What makes a man want to stay single? And what makes a man want to stay singleand not have a relationship even when he's dating an amazing woman? Keep reading to find out. Here's something you should know... Did you know that most men make up theirminds about whether they'd "get serious" and try out a relationship within the first few minutes of having met a woman? It's true. If you don't know what to say or do early on to get a man's interest for the RIGHT REASONS... then the first "exchanges" between you two could keep him from ever wanting to explore a relationship with you. I see it happen all the time... A woman meets a fantastic guy and they hit it off. The chemistry is amazing. They laugh, talk, and have tons of things in common. It just feels right. They go out several times and end up getting "physical" early on. And since all the basic elements are there to start a great relationship, and this guy seemslike he could be "the one", the woman starts to really open up. But just as she's becoming more and moreEMOTIONALLY INVOLVED, the truth comes out... The man has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in having a real relationship. He says something like: "It's not you... it's me." Or... "I'm just not interested in a relationshipright now." Or... "You're great, but if we went out I know we'd get serious really quickly and I'm notready for all that. I don't want to hurt you." Give me a nod here if you know what I'm talking about. If you've experienced this kind of thingbefore, then you know that men will come up with every excuse in the book to try and AVOID a relationship. Sometimes it seems like men's minds aresimply searching for every possible excuse or way out. That way they don't have to deal with the fact that there's an amazing woman right in front of them who could be the love of their lives. So let me ask you... Why is finding the right person such a bad thing to men? And what can YOU do as a woman to avoid allthese "traps" that other women constantly walkinto and trigger with men that keep them fromever finding and starting the relationship thatthey really want? Good questions. After years and years of thinking about allthis, of talking to men and women, and spendingyears observing and studying what's really goingon at a deeper level... I've discovered somethingthat TONS of women are doing when meeting anddating men that INSTANTLY pushes that WITHDRAWALbutton where a man will not only not want to get any closer to a woman... But he'll want to get away from her altogether. Don't be one of the many women who keep on making this mistake without even knowing it. For an in-depth explanation of why a man willseem interested but not want more, and to learn how to make sure love comes together when you finally meet the right man for you... go here right now and discover this "breakthrough" I'vefinally uncovered about men and dating:
It's one thing when you're dating a man andhe tells you he doesn't want a relationship, andthat he isn't ready. But here's where it gets even more bizarreand PREDICTABLE when it comes to men and howthey think about dating and new relationships... After a man dates you and says he's NOT READYfor a relationship, unless you're the unlucky kind of woman who likes to torture herself by trying to CONVINCE a man that he should want a relationship with you... you listen and move on. You try and respect the fact that, for whatever reason, he's not in a place wherehe's capable of having a real relationship. But for lots of women, this is when the unthinkable happens... A few weeks or months later you can't believewhat you hear- This same man who was dead-set on staying single and not having a relationship is suddenly IN LOVE with ANOTHER WOMAN. And to add insult to injury... things are getting very "serious" and moving very, very quickly for him with this other woman. What! What's going on here? For most women, it's in these moments thata few "truths" become clear to you:1) Men don't know what they want... How many times have you had a man say onething, or show you that he felt or thought onething... but then he did something that was completely the opposite? Why does a man do this? Is he lying? Did he mean to deceive you and hurt you? Or did he do this for another reason? What if I told you that when a man likesyou and is interested... he'll often say thingsabout the way he feels about you just to get your interest and attention? And what if I told you that these thingsthat he thought and felt could change VERY, VERYQUICKLY as you're getting to know each otherand "dating"? Would that change the way you think aboutmen and how they don't know what they want? It should.2) You can't trust what a man tells you... If you're a woman who's been hurt before in a relationship, then odds are you're findingit hard to believe a man or trust him much furtherthan you could throw him. It's understandable. But did you know that if you've been hurtfrom a past relationship and you carry somedoubt and fear about men in general... Then no matter how you try and come across to him... a man will sense this inside you when you go out with him - even if you don't say anything about it or mention it. Your inability to trust a man won't allowyou to "connect" with him on a deeper level. And without that CONNECTION where a manfeels like you really "get" him... he'll neverget past that superficial level of conversationand start becoming EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED anddrawn to you. In other words... the fear that you havethat he'll turn out like other men that you'veknown will "leak" out in subtle ways. And itwill not only keep you both from growing closer... but it will give him the intuitivefeeling that something is off, and he'll leave. If you're talking to a new man in your lifeor dating and you have the bad experiences ofthe past in your mind... you're practicallyguaranteeing failure for yourself and for therelationship you're trying to get started. Men don't like and don't feel comfortableor attracted to a woman who is full of doubt andfear from her past relationships. It's a HUGE turn-off.3) Men don't make any sense to you... There's something that keeps coming up over and over in my life that's I find absolutelyfascinating... It's that everywhere I go I meet smart womenwho are what a friend of mine calls "Man-Stupid." Raise your hand if you're guilty of thisyourself. It's amazing to me how many brilliant, smart,sweet, caring, wise and loving women I've metwho have failure after failure when it comes tomen, dating, and relationships. And for these smart women, since they're socapable and successful in every other area of their life... they can't believe that they wouldn't be able to make things work with a man in a relationship. But here's the fatal mistake they make... They think that the fact that they are smart,educated, capable, successful, etc. in otherareas of life should somehow "translate" intoknowing what to do when it comes to men and theirlove life. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the belief that you know how thingswork with men and dating just because you're awoman and you think about these things all thetime and you really want love to work out in yourlife actually works against you. Why does this work against you? Simply put - because it keeps you from everaccepting the fact that you don't know what youneed to know about how men think, and how thingswork when it comes to a real and lasting relationship with a man. There's a kind of subtle shame that I'velearned some women carry because they think thatthey were born not knowing something that everyother woman was born knowing. Wrong! Not knowing how men think, and how men reallyare different when it comes to dating and whatcatches a his attention and interest isn't asign of a "dumb" or incapable woman. It's simply a sign that you haven't takenthe time to learn what actually works. Luckily, I've put together what I think ofas the world's best resource to help any woman, at any level of "Man-Stupid"... quickly get herself up to speed with how men think and WHAT WORKS to catch a man's interest from the firstmeeting to when a man can't help but say "I loveyou". Don't set yourself up for failure when youmeet a man and start a new relationship becauseyou haven't taken the time to stop doing whathasn't been working all these years... andstart doing what works with a man.thanks and see yah next time..mwaahh

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

bluer than blue....

bluer than blue sadder than sad You're the only life this empty room has ever had Life without you is gonna be Bluer than blue..hayzzz emote to the max naman aketch today kaya naman nagawi ang landas ko sa pag gawa ng blogs sa tulong ng aking friendship na si kaye,hehe(tnx sis bait mo talaga mwaah)i feel bored kse this day bakeet nga ba?uhmm wla kse ako makausap wait ko isang taong nagpapasaya sa araw ko ngunit sa anuman dahilan wla sya(as usual busyness)minsan nde natin maiwasan ang ganitong feelings mahirap malayo sa taong mahal mo(awww)pro dahil sa mahal mo nga wla ka gagawin kundi magtiis mag-antay sa kung anuman oras sya me time for you pro xmpre nde din maalis sa tin ang magisip since malayo sya sayo marami gumugulo sa isip mo gaya ng asan kaya sya ngayon,sinu kasama nya,anu ginagawa nya miss nya kaya ako kse sya namimiss ko na super as in(hehehe)maiinis ka if nde masagot mga katanungan na to pero wag ka pag anjan na sya napapawi lahat ng bad emotions mo(hayzzz pag-ibig nga naman,sadyang powerful)mga wrinkles mo sa muka bgla napapalitan ng mga ngiti nde mapantayan,hehehe pra bang love is on the air ang drama, panu if ang love affair nyo ay nagstart lang sa net at nde pa kyo nagmeet in person,do you consider it as a real relationship?meron kse ako nabasa article na nagsasabi nde daw matatawag na for real relationship yun kse marami maiiwan sa isip nyo puzzle dahil limit lang ang information na makukuha nyo sa kausap nyo kung baga sa 100% ,10% lang pwede mo malaman and the rest is history at since madami nagkakalat na issue na maraming manloloko sa net at maraming jafake sa tabi tabi pro depende din ata yan sa tao if anu ang paniniwala nyo nde din naman nabase yun sa presence ng isang tao kundi sa kung anu tunay mo nafifeel sa taong kachat mo the way you trust respect love and care that person it would be for real...ako at first i wont consider my relationship a real one(sa kachatmate ko foreign)pro as days goes by na nagseselos na ako nahurt ako at nagdedemand ng time nya as i ask myself a hundred times yes i am this is for real paki ko if pagtawanan ako ng mga tao alam ko sa sarili ko nde ako nag-iisa marami kagaya ko naginvest ng feelings na nde pa nila nakikita,kse yun lang ang kulang eh nde mo pa sya natouch at nakikita personally pro yung love na feel mo deep inside of your heart is for real then your relationship can called a REAL one,db?as long as you know and understand each other and happy naman kyo go lang sabi nga nila its better to have loved and lost than lost without loved at all mas mahirap yun konsensya mo kalaban mo,hehehe naku sarap pla ng feeling na ilahad mo anuman nsa loob mo gaya ng ginawa ko ngayon so panu til next time mahaba haba na din naman to sana me napulot kyo aral sa mga sinabi ko,lolz(sure ba ako sa sinabi ko aral daw waaaa)gotta go po merienda time muna aketch hanggang sa muli mwaahh...